Application of geophysical methods for solving hydrogeoecological problems in the Southern Kryvbas territory

P. I. Pigulevskiy, O. K. Tyapkin, V. K. Svistun


The geoecological impact of various man-made mining facilities in the Southern Kryvbas territory was studied using a complex of geophysical methods (gravity-magnetic prospecting; electrical exploration by the VES method and interpretation of aero-space photographs). The predetermining role of the tectonic factor in assessing the hydrogeoecological situation in the research area is shown. The prevalence of diagonal and sublatitudinal faults of high ranks (dividing the submeridional extension of metamorphic rocks of the Kryvyi Rih series into a system of small blocks) has been established by detailed geological-geophysical studies. Their vertical movements “unload” periodically arising stresses in the Earth’s crust. A high level of activation of dangerous geoecological (and primarily hydrogeoecological) processes is marked as a result of the interaction of natural geodynamic and technogenic processes. It is shown (based on the complex analysis of hydro-geological and geophysical information) that the highly mineralized mine and open-pit waters of the tailing dumps of the PJSC “Yugok” and the PJSC “Arcelor Mittal Kryviy Rih” and mine water storage pond in the Svistunova ravine of State enterprise “Kryvbasshakhtozakrytiei” have a joint effect on the hydro-geoecological situation of Southern Kryvbas territory. The flooding of the study area by results of the research is not universal; it takes into account modern features of the activation of fault tectonics.


Southern Kryvbas; hydrogeoecological situation; geological-geophysical studies; geoelectric resistance; underflooding


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