Complex marine (river) expeditionary studies ― an important direction of development of scientific and technical potential of the sea-economy complex of the country


  • N.F. Golodov State Institution "State Hydrography", Ukraine
  • A.Yu. Gordeyev State Institution "Scientific Hydrophysical Center of NAS of Ukraine", Ukraine
  • Yu.I. Popov State Institution "State Hydrography", Ukraine
  • S.G. Fedoceenkov State Institution "Scientific Hydrophysical Center of NAS of Ukraine", Ukraine
  • A.A. Shchiptsov State Institution "Scientific Hydrophysical Center of NAS of Ukraine",
  • O.A. Shchiptsov State Institution "State Hydrography", Ukraine



oceanography, research expedition, hydrology, hydroacoustics, hydrography, oceanographic data bank, current velocities, water salinity, bottom topography, bottom sediments


In accordance with the provisions of the Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation between the State Institution “State Hydrography” of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and the State Institution “Scientific Hydrophysical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”, three joint expeditions were conducted in 2018: the Dnepr-2018 expedition in the waters of the Kanevsky reservoir of the Dnieper River, expedition “Black Sea-2018” (water area of the northwestern part of the Black Sea), expedition “Danube-2018”, where the waters of the Bystroe mouth, the Ochakov mouth and the Solomon arm were studied and the Danube Delta.

The purpose of the research is oceanographic and hydrographic study of sea and river areas to improve the efficiency of navigation and hydrographic safety of navigation and the creation of a joint bank of oceanographic data of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and the Maritime Administration.

With the help of modern high-performance instruments, the hydrological group of studies obtained the results of measurements of the velocity of water currents, horizontal fields and vertical distributions of temperature, salinity of water, oxygen dissolved in it, and values of the hydrogen index of the indicated areas of water areas.

As a result of complex remote hydroacoustic studies of the topography of the bottom and bottom sediments by area and resolution, the hydrophysical and geophysical parameters (geoacoustic characteristics and lithological types of bottom sediments, reverse and bulk reverberation of the water column) of the surveyed areas of water were studied.

Hydrographic group made a survey of the bottom relief, including on the navigation channel, as well as on some objects dangerous for navigation.

During the expedition, empirical data were obtained to obtain practical experience and further theoretical generalizations in the field of hydrography and oceanography. The obtained data is transferred to the oceanographic data bank.


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