Tectonic inversion of the Dnieper-Donets depression and the Donbas (models and reconstructions)


  • V. V. Gonchar Subbotin Institute of Geophysics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine




basin modeling, tectonic inversion, numerical modeling of deformations, stress fields, paleotectonic reconstructions, the Dnieper-Donets depression, the Donbas


For the southeastern part of the DDD and the Donbas prolongation of basin modeling to the area of late post-rift and following inverse co-folding movements has been methodically justified.  

Predictive analysis with recovered volume of eroded sediments has been plotted with a part of a profile Bogatoyka-Merefa as an example. Maximal values of eroded thickness are up to 1400m in the extreme southern part of the profile, the bottom of the restored volume is undulated, by the roof of the sediments of middle-late Carboniferous paleo-lifting is identified, absent in the modern section.

The reconstruction conducted prolongs the border of the Early Permian basin southward. Numerical models are considered for inversion of paleo rift sedimentary basin in the rear of compressive orogene, conducted for cross-sections of the DDD and the Donbas. Specific asymmetrical distribution of the mantle deformations has been obtained which confirms displacement of folding to axial and rear (northeastern) part of flexures; the frontal zone undergoes preferably ascending movements resulting in obliquity of depression sides. In the second part of the paper the results of planned numerical modeling are given for deformations of the southern skirt of the EEP and the data of reconstructions of the stress fields of the Donbas. Comparison of model and reconstructed stress fields makes possible to confirm a conclusion of the first part of the paper. The further tectonic development of the considered area (in the late Permian?) was determined by right-hand shear displacements with small compressive component near the southern skirt of the EEP. This medium determined the formation of the right-hand shear faults of the Donbas, the growth of superimposed folding and probably its small tension. In the context of inspection of global paleo-tectonic reconstructions the studies conducted do not eliminate the probability of the Pangea “B” configuration and proceeding relative right-hand shear displacements between Eurasia and Gondwana.


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