Gravity-magnetic model of the Kolomyia paleovalley for the Nadvirna―Otyniya―Ivano-Frankivsk geotravers

S. G. Anikeyev, V. Yu. Maksymchuk, M. M. Pylyp’yak


The purpose of the work is development of a complex seismic-density-magnetic model of the geological cross-section for the geotraverse SG-1 (67) (Nadvirna―Otynia―Ivano-Frankivsk) and appreciation of oil and gas bearing perspectives in the Kolomyia Paleovalley. The research methodology is based on the analysis of anomalous gravity and magnetic fields and the creation of density and magnetic models of geological cross-section. Local anomalies are defined by methods of transformations. Modeling of the geological cross-section structure is performed by methods of solving direct and inverse problems of gravity and magnetic survey, which implemented the ideas of the criteria approach to creating optimal models of geological environments that are consistent with the observed geophysical fields and do not conflict with the data of drilling and seismic survey. The reliability of interpreting gravimagnetic data method is achieved by geological subordination: the condition of maximum application of seismic survey and geological and tectonic maps. The conceptual density model and magnetic model of the geological environment along the seism-geological profile of CG-I (67) was developed. The distribution of densities and magnetization of rocks in sedimentary cover and basement blocks to a depth of 20 km is detailed.

As a result of modeling within certain stratigraphic complexes, zones with anomalous in density and magnetization of rocks were defined. The decompression zones, which are within positive structures, are identified as perspective ones. It is also confirmed that there is a high probability of deep intrusions that are predicted from materials of seismic survey within the limits of the hidden tectonic zone and reaching the bottom of sedimentary cover.

The analysis of morphology of gravity and magnetic anomalies and gravimagnetic modeling allowed clarifying the geological structure of the Kolomyia Paleovalley cross-section and to appreciate oil and gas perspectives of its separate areas.


Kolomyia paleovalley; depth seismic-geological section; gravity and magnet anomalies; direct and inverse problems of gravimagnetic prospecting; density and magnetic models


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