Hydrophysical research of marine and riverine environments

M. F. Golodov, A. Yu. Gordieiev, L. V. Nesterenko, Yu. A. Tymchenko, S. G. Fedoseenkov, O. I. Shundel, O. A. Shchyptsov, O. O. Shchyptsov


Applied oceanographic and hydrographic studies of the marine environment are topical, especially in view of the development of IT-modeling and forecasting of its status and climate change to enhance the man protection from ocean-related threats and the safety of activities in the sea and coastal area. The main purpose of the research is the formation of a Hydrographic fragment of the Oceanographic Data Bank (ODB) based on the results of expeditionary scientific studies of the marine and riverine environments. In the course of comprehensive oceanographic research, an improved methodology and organization of joint marine and riverine explorations using specialized vessels of the State Institution «State Hydrographic Service» and scientific equipment and technical means of the aquatic environment studying of the State Institution «Scientific Hydrophysical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine» was worked out in practice. One of the main components of the developed technology is the created and modernized mobile hydroacoustic complex, which was installed on the ships to provide expeditionary research. The technique of remote profile geoacoustic surveying of the sea (river) bottom allows obtaining information both about continuous profiles of sediments, and their geoacoustic properties based on the analysis of acoustic trails. Modern mathematical apparatus and software have been developed to process the information of the hydroacoustic complex in order to receive the geoacoustic parameters of the sea floor and river bed. Oceanographic studies have shown the suitability of using the materials got from remote satellite sensing of marine waters online for a more detailed analysis of expeditionary oceanographic data. As a result of three expeditions, new oceanographic data have been collected for specialized databases of the Hydrographic fragment of ODB.

The scientific novelty of expeditions result is the receipt of new oceanographic data collected in the process of applied scientific research and fixed on digital storage medium, as well as in the improvement of oceanographic data acquisition technologies for the formation of the Hydrographic fragment of the ODB for further theoretical oceanographic generalizations.

The results of expedition studies will be used for the correction of marine and riverine navigation charts, taking into account the actual oceanographic status of the anomalous water areas, and renew specialized databases of the ODB Hydrographic fragment.


oceanographysical expedition; Oceanographic Data Bank; hydrology; hydroacoustics; marine geology; hydrography; the Black Sea; the Danube


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