Мineral-fluidology and synthesis and genesis of natural hydrocarbons in the Earth’s bowels


  • І.М. Naumko Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Combustible Minerals, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine




thermobarogeochemistry, mineral-fluidology, fluid inclusions, minerals, fluids, hydrocarbons, oil-and-gas


Possibilities of fundamental science on fluid inclusions are discussed — the knowledge on mineral-forming environments (fluids) (thermobarogeochemistry—mineral-fluidology—fluid inclusions) in the repconstruction of fluid environment of the mineral and petroleum genesis in the Earth’s bowels. It is shown that in its naturally preserved relics-inclusions in minerals really reflect the processes of synthesis and genesis of natural hydrocarbons, migration of hydrocarbon fluids and their localization in oil-and-gas fields. Such phenomena, first of all, include occlusion of volatile mantle compounds — H2O, CO2, CO, CH4, etc. by inclusions in minerals of submantle (mantle) genesis (mainly in diamonds) as «hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon-forming (petroleum and petroleum-forming) constituents». The analysis performed indicates that in minerals of the basic and ultrabasic rocks exactly carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons are a typomorphic sign of defects-inclusions. The predominance of deep-seated high-density CO2 in inclusions in olivine from nodules in basalt of Hawaii Island and Sudety (Poland) and from the bottom of the Indian Ocean determines the carbon dioxide nature of degassing in the asthenosphere and lower reaches of the lithosphere. This confirms the most important postulate of the geological-geochemical model of deep petroleum genesis that only compounds such as H2O and CO2 can be donors of Hydrogen and Carbon for the synthesis of hydrocarbons. From the materials of fluid inclusions research in deep minerals it follows that there are prerequisites for the formation of petroleum similar systems at high temperatures and pressures in the asthenosphere of the mantle of the Earth and their migration in the Earth’s crust. Original authors experiences on this issue are realized in the new theory of synthesis and genesis of natural hydrocarbons: abiogenic-biogenic dualism, and a new model of mineral-naphthid genesis as well as a model of the evolution of deep fluids (by fluid inclusions) as a basis for the mineral-fluidological model of the Earth. This allowed us to justify the scheme of deep mineral-naphthid-genesis (synthesis of hydrocarbons and minerals) in the magma-lithosphere system in fault zones of the lithosphere in the environment of abiogenic high-termobaraic deep-seated fluid as one of the variants of the concept of polygenesis of natural hydrocarbons, suggest the schemes of migration processes in fluid-conducting fracturing zones and prove the conjugation of the migration processes of hydrocarbon fluids and formation of veinlet-impregnated mineralization: on the one hand, the formation of hydrocarbon deposits, on the other, the capture of hydrocarbon compounds in defect-sinclusions in minerals of veinlets. Thus, the identification of hydrocarbons in fluid inclusions helps to decide the fundamental problems of the origin of source substances for the mineral synthesis of hydrocarbons in the asthenosphere of the Earth’s mantle as well as applied problems for the development of search and evaluation criteria for hydrocarbon raw materials (by genetic indicators), and, accordingly, new unconventional geotechnologies, which involves the search for combustible fossils simultaneously with the solution of the problem of synthesis and genesis of hydrocarbons at the atomic-molecular level fixed defects of the crystalline structure of minerals.


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