Geological structure of the Ingulets-Kryvyi Rih-Krupetsk suture zone within Northern side of the Dnipro-Donets Depression


  • V.V. Omelchenko Dnepropetrovsk geophysical expedition "Dneprogeofizika" of the state geophysical enterprise "Ukrgeofizika", Ukraine
  • P.G. Pigulevskiy Subbotin Institute of Geophysics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine



Tectonics, geostructure, Krupetsk suture zone, north side of the Dnieper-Donets depression, block, rock composition, gravitational field, magnetic field


The main aspects of tectonics of northern part of the Ingulets-Kryvyi Rih-Krupetsk suture zone (IККSZ) of the Sarmatian shield within northern side of the Dnieper-Donets Depression (DDD) by results of generalization and reinterpretation of geological and geophysical data are considered in the article. Within northern side of DDD the IККSZ is represented by the Krupetsk suture zone (КSZ), which stretches in submeridional direction on distance of 162,5 km from northern regional fault of the Dnieper graben to state border with Russia. It is separates the Sevsky and Belgorod-Sumy megablocks of the Voronezh crystalline massif (VCM) and characterized by distinct western fall. Three large blocks are identified and characterized within the KSZ — Northern, Central and Southern; the border between them runs along a sub-latitudinal (transverse) fault with shift component. Blocks differ in both spatial parameters and internal tectonics. The northern block is represented by the Krupetsk graben-synclinal structure and consists of two isoclinic synclinal folds separated by a narrow anticline, complicated by folding of higher orders and intense breaking tectonics. Within the Central block, the width of the KSZ is narrowed to 8—12 km, and it is assumed that within its KSZ is represented by the eastern subzone of the Southern block, where the width of the zone increases to 34—45 km. In this block, the western and eastern subzones, which differ in the composition of the rocks, are identified. In tectonic terms, four synclines are identified in it, which separated by antiforms and breaking faults. The obtained data may be used at correlation of geostructures of the Ukrainian shield (US) and VCM through territory of DDD, at paleoreconstruction of tectonic structure of the Sarmatian shield before formation of the Dnieper graben in forecasting the prospects of various minerals, first rich iron ores, non-ferrous and precious metals, in Precambrian complex of rocks on northern side of DDD.


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