Study of the piezoelectric sensor KD-35 properties on the calibration device by the method of external pulse and on a real Earth track

S.V. Shcherbina, Yu.V. Lisovyi, A.I. Feschenko, O.I. Brickyi


Microseismic monitoring of rock mass, such as mines, will provide data about condition of mass on the borders of waste areas at different levels of implementation of mining. The main problems of monitoring are the information absence about condition of mass above waste areas also imperfection of equipment that should provide high accuracy and sensitivity of researches. For example of piezoelectric sensor KD-35 shows to study of one characteristics by means of laboratory test, preliminary calibration and research fieldwork for study of the properties of piezoelectric transducer (sensor) responses on external inducer sources at different distances from sensor


piezoelectric sensor; transducers; accelerometer; piezoelectric sensor performance; calibration; microseismic monitoring; dangerous objects


The report on the research paper "Detection of voids in the eastern board Gleevatsk career and development of measures for the safe conduct of mining operations in the areas of undermining its underground mining", 2011. SE "NIGRI", OJSC "ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih". Krivoy Rog, 542 p. (in Russian)

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