Vol 41, No 6 (2019)

Table of Contents


Plate-plume tectonics as an integrated mechanism of geodynamic development of the tectonosphere of Ukraine and adjacent regions PDF (Русский)
O . B. Gintov 3-34
Megatube of degassing of the Sea of Azov: analysis of the results of 3D magnetic modeling in a complex with geological-geophysical data PDF (Русский)
I. K. Pashkevich, T. V. Lebed’ 35-55
Deep geoelectric studies of the Troyankiv and Tarasivka metabasite massifs of the Golovaniv suture zone PDF (Українська)
A. M. Kushnir, T. K. Burakhovich, V. A. Ilyenko, B. I. Shyrkov, I. Yu. Nikolayev 56-72
Gravity-magnetic model of the Kolomyia paleovalley for the Nadvirna―Otyniya―Ivano-Frankivsk geotravers PDF (Українська)
S. G. Anikeyev, V. Yu. Maksymchuk, M. M. Pylyp’yak 73-92
Geology and lithological and structural conditions of brecciated rocks localization of the central part of the Ukrainian Shield (as an example of the Hruzske field of pipe-like bodies) PDF (Українська)
O. V. Haiovskyi, S. M. Bekesha, Ye. M. Slyvko, H. M. Yatsenko 93-110
Hydrophysical research of marine and riverine environments PDF (Українська)
M. F. Golodov, A. Yu. Gordieiev, L. V. Nesterenko, Yu. A. Tymchenko, S. G. Fedoseenkov, O. I. Shundel, O. A. Shchyptsov, O. O. Shchyptsov 111-127
Estimation of comfort of weather conditions and trends of their changes for the Kyiv region in the conditions of climate change PDF (Українська)
S. G. Boychenko, О. G. Zabarna 128-143
Climatic projections of heating season in Ukraine up to the middle of the 21st century PDF (Українська)
S. V. Krakovska, L. V. Palamarchuk, T. M. Shpytal 144-164
Modeling of regional magnetic field applying spherical functions: practical aspect PDF (Українська)
Yu. P. Sumaruk, L. M. Yankiv-Vitkovska, B. B. Dzuman 165-172
Determination of stress in the geological medium on the basis of well data using acoustoelastic correlations PDF
H. H. Guliyev, K. B. Aghayev, G. A. Sultanova 173-182
Automated method for determination of geological horizons nonconformity according to three-dimensional seismic data PDF (Українська)
D. M. Gryn’ 183-194
Analyis of periodical variability of insolation and soil temperature in the Crimea PDF (Русский)
A. E. Volvach, G. S. Kurbasova, L. N. Volvach 195-202

Scientific Reports

Equipment of seismic station IRIS KIEV and software interface for access to seismological data PDF (Русский)
I. Yu. Mikhaylik, A. Z. Ganiev, K. V. Petrenko, T. A. Amashukeli 203-212
Earth’s gravity ― the reason of earthquakes PDF (Русский)
S. V. Mishin, A. A. Panfilov, I. M. Hasanov 213-222
Automated water level monitoring system in open water PDF (Русский)
Ya. I. Lepikh, Yu. Ya. Bunyakova, Yu. V. Kryshnev, P.O. Snegur 223-231