Vol 37, No 6 (2015)

Table of Contents


Thermal field of the Donbas PDF (Русский)
V. Gordienko, L. Gordienko, O. Zavgorodnyaya 3-23
Seismoelectromagnetism and spatio-temporal structures PDF (Русский)
V. Shuman 24-41
Geoelectric anomalies of the Ukrainian shield and their relation to mineral deposits PDF (Русский)
T. Burakhovich, I. Nikolaev, E. Sheremet, B. Shirkov 42-63
The nature of inclined seismic boundary in the Earth crust of the Scythian plate along the DOBRE-5 Profile PDF (Русский)
L. Farfulyak 64-85
Geomagnetic activity impact on the results of the induction vector calculations PDF (Русский)
I. Rokityansky, V. Babak, A. Tereshin 86-98

Scientific Reports

Characteristic time of thermal and diffusional relaxation PDF
O. Aryasova, Ya. Khazan 99-104
Possibility of the use of data of infrasonic monitoring for identification of the nature of seismic events PDF (Українська)
A. Lyashchuk, Yu. Andrushchenko, Yu. Gordienko, E. Karyagin, I. Kornienko 105-114
To the problem of engineering construction of territories assessment based on local natural and technogenic factors (Reni district, Odessa region as an example) PDF (Українська)
P. Zhyrnov 115-123
Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis of Moldova and adjacent territories PDF (Русский)
R. Burtiev 124-130
The study of convergence of additive-averaged splitting based on the scheme of explicit solution for three-dimensional equations of convective diffusion PDF (Українська)
L. Katsalova 131-136
Modeling of soil reaction for seismic microzoning of building sites PDF (Русский)
Yu. Semenova 137-153