Vol 35, No 2 (2013)

Table of Contents


New data on the metallogeny and deep structure of the Kirovograd Polymetal ore district (Ukrainian Shield) PDF (Русский)
V. I. Starostenko, V.I. Kazanskiy, N.I. Popov, G. Drogitskaya, V. Zayac, A. Tripolskiy, M.V. Chicherov 3-17
About scientific basis of shortterm earthquake prediction PDF (Русский)
V.N. Strakhov, M. Savin 18-23
About phenomenological models and seismic prediction: is pessimism justified, are hopes based PDF (Русский)
V.N. Shuman 24-37
Structuralkinematic identification of seismogenic zones of the Zagros system (according to the solutions of the mechanisms of earthquake) PDF (Русский)
Yu.M. Volfman 38-64
Synergetic tectonics. 3. The main tectonic regularity in the structure of continental margins PDF (Русский)
I.V. Karpenko 65-77
Using the methods of potential theory for solving direct geophysical problems for three-dimensional complex condition PDF (Русский)
Yu. V. Pyatakov, V.I. Isaev 78-97
Deep structure and development of the Scythian plate in the Mezokainozoic in the section of the profile of MOV-OGT No. 598506 PDF (Русский)
M.V. Kozlenko, Yu.V. Kozlenko 98-110
Electrostatic stratification of the global cloud system by the self-consistent field of the metastable electronion subsystem of the atmosphere PDF (Русский)
T.A. Belyi, Yu.V. Zelenin 111-126

Scientific Reports

The physical parameters of the rocks of the sedimentary cover of the northwestern part of the DnieperDonetsk trough PDF (Русский)
M.I. Orlyuk, V.V. Drukarenko 127-136
Features of age variations of the geomagnetic field in the northern polar part of the Earth PDF (Українська)
Yu. P. Sumaruk, T. Sumaruk 137-145
Analysis of connected seismic events using methods of the theory of digraphs PDF (Русский)
V.B. Spirtus 146-156
Modeling and separate exclusion of disturbances in terrestrial observations PDF (Українська)
A.M. Kutnyi, V. Pavlik, T. Babich 157-162
Representation of potentials from point sources for a homogeneous isotropic medium in the form of Bessel-Mellin integrals PDF (Русский)
Yu. Roganov, R. Pak 163-167
Features of the potential seismogenic zone of the Ingul and Srednepridneprovsky megablocks of the Ukrainian Shield PDF (Русский)
O.A. Tripolsky, L.V. Farfulyak, S.V. Mychak, L. Kalyuzhnaya 168-178
Priority directions of geological exploration for oil and gas in the northeastern part of the Black Sea PDF (Русский)
N.I. Evdoshchuk, T. Galko, T. Dovzhok, O. Sedlerova 179-183