Vol 36, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


Fata morgana of biogenic doctrine of hydrocarbons in the Black sea PDF (Русский)
O. M. Rusakov, R. I. Kutas 3-17
The structure of the Kerch peninsula and north-eastern part of the Black sea crust according to the results of local seismic tomography PDF (Русский)
V. Gobarenko, T. Yegorova, R. Stephenson 18-34
Key problems of the eastern part of the Crimea Mountain stratigraphy. New micropaleontologic information for dating of flysh rocks PDF (Русский)
E. Sheremet, M. Sosson, O. Gintov, K. Muller, T. Yegorova, A. Murovskaya 35-56
Formation conditions of granitoids of Middle-Dnieper granite-greenstone area PDF (Русский)
O. Usenko 57-74
Geoelectric studies of the south Voronezhcrystalline massif PDF (Русский)
I. Logvinov, V. I. Tregubenko, V. N. Tarasov 75-84
Velocity model of the mantle structure under Sumatra and seismic activity of the area PDF (Русский)
A. V. Kendzera, L. N. Zayets, T.A. Tsvetkova, A. N. Ostrovnoy 85-98
On registration of spontaneous electromagnetic emission of lithosphere within lengthy salt adit PDF (Русский)
I. G. Zakharov, V.N. Shuman 99-110
Valuation of induction current contribution to the secular variation of geomagnetic field (according to the data of Ukrainian geomagnetic observatories) PDF (Українська)
M.I. Orlyuk, T.P. Sumaruk, Yu. P. Sumaruk, A. A. Romenets 111-119
Experimental study of dynamic deformation structuredmedium under the impulse loading PDF (Українська)
S. V. Mykulyak, V. O. Polyakovskiy 120-126
Geo-radar method of revealing water-saturated ground layers with evaluation of their three-dimensional humidity PDF (Русский)
V.G. Sugak, O. A. Ovchinkin, Yu. S. Silayev, A. V. Sugak 127-137

Scientific Reports

Valuation of extinction parameters of anisotropic macro-seismic wave intensities PDF (Русский)
V. E. Kulchitsky 138-149
On the age of white anorthosite of the Novomirgorod massif of the Korsun-Novomirgorod pluton (the Ukrainian Shield) PDF (Русский)
E. E. Shestopalova, L.M. Stepanyuk, T. I. Dovbush, A. V. Kovtun 150-160
A device for calibrating and metrological verification of digital seismic recorders PDF (Русский)
S. V. Shcherbina 161-171
Structures of horizontal shift of sedimentary basins and experience of application of tectonophysical methods to increase prospecting and exploration efficiency and mastering near-shift oil PDF (Русский)
A. I. Timurziev 172-185
Signal-noise ratio of adaptive geophysical studies PDF (Українська)
V. I. Roman 186-191