Vol 34, No 5 (2012)

Table of Contents


On the prospects for the discovery of massive hydrocarbon deposits in the heterogeneous traps of the Black Sea PDF (Русский)
V. I. Starostenko, A.E. Lukin, O. M. Rusakov, I. K. Pashkevich, R. I. Kutas, V. V. Gladun, T. V. Lebed, P. Ya. Maximchuk, O. V. Legostaeva, I. B. Makarenko 3-21
Anomalous geomagnetic disturbances induced by catastrophic tsunamigenic earthquakes in the region of Indonesia PDF (Русский)
L. E. Sobisevich, A. L. Sobisevich, K. Kh. Kanonidi 22-37
The structure of the lithosphere of the Black Sea by the results of 3D gravity analysis and seismic tomography PDF (Русский)
T. P. Egorova, B. S. Gobarenko, T. B. Yanovskaya, K. P. Baranova 38-59
Synergetic tectonics. 1. The physical nature of global cycles PDF (Русский)
I. V. Karpenko 60-71
Paleostroenie of the northwestern extremity of Antarctica and the evolution of the Bransfield Strait PDF (Русский)
Yu.V. Kozlenko, M. V. Kozlenko 72-87
Model of seismic hazard of the northwestern part of the Black Sea PDF (Русский)
B. G. Pustovitenko, V. E. Kulchitsky, A. A. Pustovitenko 87-101
Nature and forecast of regional zoning of dynamic phenomena in mines of Donbass PDF (Русский)
A. V. Antsiferov, M. M. Dovbnich, V. A. Kanin, I. A. Viktorenko 102-110
The impact of earthquakes on the regime of ultra-low-frequency electromagnetic emissions PDF (Русский)
B. V. Dovbnya, A. S. Potapov, R. A. Rahmatulin 111-115
Description of the conditions for differentiation of melts and solutions in the mantle and crust PDF (Русский)
O. V. Usenko 116-131
Modern estimation of oil and gas potential prospects and priority directions for the search for new hydrocarbon deposits on the Black Sea shelf of the Prykerchensky shelf PDF (Українська)
B. M. Polukhtovich, V. V. Gladun, T. E. Dovzhok, P. Ya. Maksymchuk, S. M. Zakharchuk, P. M. Melnichuk, T. M. Galko, O. V. Volkova, V. P. Klochko 132-137
Mathematical modeling of seismic gravity effect of oil and gas reservoir in crystalline basement PDF (Русский)
S.A. Vyzhva, G. T. Prodayvoda, P. M. Kuzmenko, O. O. Kozionova 138-149
Forming an image of complex parts of the structure of the refracting boundary PDF (Русский)
A. O. Verpahovskaya 150-160
Seismotomography of the mantle under the East European platform: mantle velocity boundaries PDF (Русский)
T. A. Tsvetkova, I. V. Bugaenko 161-172