Vol 34, No 4 (2012)

Table of Contents


Electric and electromagnetic logging sounding in realistic models of oil-gas collectors: numerical modeling and interpretation PDF (Русский)
M. I. Epov, K. V. Sukhorukova 5-15
Numerical homogenization of multi-scale heterogeneous media PDF (Русский)
M. I. Epov, E. P. Shurina, M. K. Artemyev 16-21
First-rate anomalies of electro-conductivity on the Globe PDF (Русский)
A. A. Zhamaletdinov, S. N. Kulik 22-39
A method of analysis of spontaneous electromagnetic emission of the Earth: physical backgrounds, elements of theory, field experiment PDF (Русский)
V.N. Shuman, V. P. Kobolev, V. I. Starostenko, I. B. Burkinskiy, N. P. Loyko, I. G. Zakharov, D. A. Yatsiuta 40-61
Correlation of constant magnetic field anomalies and crustal geo-electric structures within the western slope of the Voronezh massif PDF (Русский)
D. Yu. Abramova, L. M. Abramova, Iv.M. Varentsov, V. A. Kulikov, I. N. Lozovskiy 62-69
Spatiotemporal correlations between traps, carbonatites and kimberlites PDF (Русский)
O. V. Aryasova, Ya. M. Khazan 70-77
Saturation with fluids of earthquake focal zones of Eurasian folded belt (according to 2D-3D inversion of MT data) PDF (Русский)
V. V. Belyavskiy 78-89
Simultaneous magnetotelluric and magnetovariation soundings in the western slope of the Voronezh massif PDF (Русский)
Iv. M. Varentsov, S. Kovalchikova, V. A. Kulikov, I.M. Logvinov, V. I. Tregubenko, A. G. Yakovlev 90-107
Velocity structure of the mantle and abyssal fluids of Southeast Asia PDF (Русский)
L. N. Zayets, Ding True Kao, T. A. Tsvetkova 108-127
Contribution of magnetic aftereffect and induction transition characteristics of basalts from the Vitim plateau PDF (Русский)
A. Yu. Kazanskiy, G. G. Matasova, N. O. Kozhevnikov, E. Yu. Antonov, P. S. Maksimov 128-136
The method of transitional processes in studies of geological media with magnetic viscosity PDF (Русский)
N. O. Kozhevnikov, E. Yu. Antonov, G. G. Matasova, Ya. K. Kamnev 137-149
A new approach to earthquake precursors distinction PDF (Русский)
V. E. Korepanov, F. L. Dudkin 150-156
Anomalies of electroconductivity and intraplate earthquakes of the western part of the Ukrainian Shield and Volyno-Podolian Plate PDF (Русский)
A. N. Kushnir, T.K. Burakhovich 157-165
Frequency-resonance principle, mobile geoelectric technology: new paradigm of geophysical investigations PDF (Русский)
S. P. Levashov, N. A. Yakymchuk, I. N. Korchagin 166-176
Grain size, magnetic and electrical features of subaerial cover deposits in the territory of Akademgorodok in Novosibirsk city PDF (Русский)
G. G. Matasova, V. V. Olenchenko, A. Yu. Kazansky 177-192
A method of solving inverse problem of electro-logging PDF (Русский)
N. L. Mirontsov 193-198
Target objects and parameters in oil electrical survey PDF (Русский)
V. S. Mogilatov 199-208
Electromagnetic monitoring in seismically active regions of Siberia PDF (Русский)
N. N. Nevedrova, M. I. Epov 209-223
Deep sources of regional magnetic anomalies: tectonotypes and relation with transcrustal faults PDF (Русский)
M. I. Orlyuk, I. K. Pashkevich 224-234
Notes on geoelectrics PDF (Русский)
I. I. Rokityansky 235-244
Variability of averaged annual impedances of the Earth and their spatial gradients in Europe PDF (Русский)
V. Yu. Semenov, M. S. Petrishchev 245-252
Comparison of geophysical sections of the Earth crust with the results of deep drilling in the Fennoscandian Shield PDF (Русский)
N. V. Sharov 253-264
Dynamics of near borehole zone while drilling poroelastic layer PDF (Русский)
V. V. Shelukhin, I. N. Eltsov 265-272
Prediction of commercial minerals in the Precambrian based on the development of geologic-geophysical models of the Ukrainian Shield suture zones PDF (Русский)
E. M. Sheremet, S. N. Kulik, T. K. Burakhovich 273-281
Modern electromagnetic sounding systems: situation, trends of development, new ideas and aims PDF (Русский)
V.N. Shuman 282-291
Fast solution of two-dimensional inverse problem of high-frequency electromagnetic logging in oil-gas boreholes PDF (Русский)
M. I. Epov, V. N. Glinskikh, M. N. Nikitenko, K. V. Sukhorukova 292-297