Vol 40, No 5 (2018)

Table of Contents


S. I. Subbotin Institute of geophysics of NAS of Ukraine on the occasion of centenaries of the Academy and its President Boris Yevgeniyevich Paton PDF (Русский)
V. I. Starostenko, A. V. Kendzera, O. V. Legostaeva 3-46
On the so-called “leukogranulite formation” and “greenlevada suite” of Early Precambrian of the Ukrainian Shield PDF (Русский)
O. Ponomarenko, O. Gintov, L. Stepanyuk 47-70
From global tectonics to global geodynamics PDF (Русский)
O. Aryasova, Ya. Khazan 71-97
Lithospheric structure based on integrated analysis of geological-geophysical data along the DOBREfraction’99/DOBRE-2 profile (the East European Platform —the East Black Sea Basin) PDF (Русский)
I. Pashkevich, O. Rusakov, R. Kutas, D. Gryn, V. Starostenko, T. Janik 98-136
Geodynamic process and its geologic manifestations in the continents PDF (Русский)
O. Usenko 137-171
Geoelectric studies of the oil and gas bearing area on the southern slope of the central Dnieper-Donets Basin part PDF (Русский)
T. Burakhovich, A. Kushnir, V. Ilyenko 172-190
Mantle origin of methane in the Black Sea PDF
O. Rusakov, R. Kutas 191-207
Electrical conductivity anomalies in the contact zones of Archean and Proterozoic geobloks on the Ukrainian and Baltic Shields PDF (Русский)
I. Rokityansky, E. Yu. Sokolova, A. V. Tereshyn, A. G. Yakovlev, Working group LADOGA 208-244
Problems of Precambrian paleomagnetism on the territory of Ukraine PDF (Русский)
V. Bakhmutov, I. Polyachenko, S. Cherkes 245-268
Geothermal resources of Ukraine PDF
I. Gordienko, V. Gordienko, O. Zavgorodnyaya 269-285
The tendencies of climate change and water regime of the middle- lower part in the basin of Southern Bug River (in the region of location of the South-Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant) PDF
Yu. Zabulonov, S. Boychenko, O. Zholudenko, M. Buhera 286-300


Few words about Boris Paton PDF (Русский)
V. I. Starostenko 301-304
Vitaliy Pylypenko - 80 years PDF (Русский)
A. O. Verpakhovskaya 305-308