Vol 40, No 6 (2018)

Table of Contents


The structure of the Western and Central parts of the Ukrainian schield. Controversial issues PDF (Українська)
О. B. Gintov, M. I. Orlyuk, V. A. Entin, I.K. Pashkevich, S. V. Mychak, M. I. Bakarzhieva, L. M. Shimkiv, A. V. Marchenko 3-29
Velocity model of the Ukrainian subcrustal mantle PDF (Русский)
V. V. Gordienko, L. Ya. Gordienko 30-51
Kinematic migration for determination of velocity model of the medium while solving practical problems of seismic exploration PDF (Русский)
A. O. Verpakhovskaya, V. N. Pilipenko 52-67
Integrated analysis of fault sealing capabilities when studying and mapping hydrocarbon traps in the Dnieper-Donets Depression PDF (Русский)
O. I. Okrepkyj, O. M. Tiapkina 68-79
Late Triassic age of moshevani suite of the Loki massif (Georgia, the Caucasus) PDF (Русский)
K. Koiava, T. Gavtadze, V. Glonti, L. Kvaliashvili, J. Mauvilly, J. Mosar 80-95
Extraction of lineaments and faults using gravity second horizontal derivative data obtained using Fourier transform PDF
E. E. Epuh, E. O. Joshua 96-114
Comparison of near-surface layers spectral characteristics under the seismic stations «Trosnyk», «Uzhgorod», «Mezhgirya» calculated using finite element method and obtained experimentally PDF (Українська)
B. Ye. Kuplevskyi, T. B. Brych 115-126
New method for edges detection of magnetic sources using logistic function PDF
L. T. Pham, E. Oksum, T. D. Do, M. L. Huy 127-135
Determining source parameters from waveforms of small earthquakes in the Carpathian region of Ukraine PDF (Українська)
D. V. Malytskyy, A. R. Gnyp, O. D. Hrytsai, O. A. Astashkina, A. Y. Parfeniuk 136-149
Features of the use of an automated seismic acoustic complex by a combined method of detection objects PDF (Українська)
M. M. Nikiforov, I. V. Pampukha, V. M. Loza, S. V. Shcherbina, A. G. Shevtsov 150-158
Earthquake forecasting by the results of the seismic signal trend analysis PDF (Русский)
V. V. Nagornyi 159-176


Review on the Rosatom document “Strategy for the establishment of a deep disposal facility for radioactive waste” PDF (Русский)
V.N. Komlev 177-183


Is it right to divide geodynamics into global geotectonics and global geodynamics? PDF (Русский)
O.B. Gintov 184-185