Features of Menstrual Disorders in Obese Women and Ways for Their Correction Using Orlistat

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O.S. Payenok
M.O. Kostiv


The research deals with the problem of reproductive health in women with obesity. In obese women, oligomenorrhea (in 62.2 % of examines patients) prevails in the structure of menstrual disorders. On the background of obesity, incidence of metabolic syndrome is 68.9 %, and impaired glucose tolerance — 35.6 %. Administration of Xenical® for six months enables to obtain menstrual function recovery in 75.6 % of women with obesity, and in 31.1 % — recovery of ovarian function.

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Payenok, O., and M. Kostiv. “Features of Menstrual Disorders in Obese Women and Ways for Their Correction Using Orlistat”. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY (Ukraine), no. 5.61, Sept. 2014, pp. 107-10, doi:10.22141/2224-0721.5.61.2014.76862.
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