Expression of mRNA IL-1β, IL-17А and IL-10 of oral epithelium in diabetic children

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A.V. Kotelban
O.I. Godovanets
G.D. Koval
O.M. Kamyshnyj


The aim of the study was to investigate the indexes of cytokines profile in the epithelium of oral cavity of children with type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM) taking into account present metabolic violations. Materials and methods. 12-years-old children with type 1 DM (30 persons) were observed, and 30 somatically healthy children with the signs of chronic catarrhal gingivitis. The group of comparison (30 somatically and stomatological healthy children of the same age) was also formed. The mRNA IL-1β, IL-10 and IL-17А of epithelium of oral cavity levels were determined in children with the signs of chronic catarrhal gingivitis against DM. Results. The molecular and genetic study of mRNA IL-1β, IL-17А and IL-10 epithelium of oral cavity in children with chronic catarrhal gingivitis and type 1 DM revealed significantly increased levels of pro-inflammatory mRNA IL-1β, IL-10 and decreased anti-inflammatory IL-10 level. The predominance of epithelium proinflammatory cytokines level versus anti-inflammatory ones represent a imbalance in the cytokine regulatory system in children of the first and second groups. Conclusions. Undertaken studies are of great importance for diagnosis of inflammatory processes in the paradontium tissues and state of local immunity of oral cavity, as well as can be the basis for the medical and preventive program development for children with type 1 DM.

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Kotelban, A., O. Godovanets, G. Koval, and O. Kamyshnyj. “Expression of MRNA IL-1β, IL-17А and IL-10 of Oral Epithelium in Diabetic Children”. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY (Ukraine), vol. 13, no. 1, Feb. 2017, pp. 56-60, doi:10.22141/2224-0721.13.1.2017.96758.
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