Obstetrician-gynecologists workforce: a decisive factor in ensuring quality medical services and improving the basic indicators of perinatal care


  • O. S. Chernetsky Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova, Chişinau, Republic of Moldova,
  • Yu. V. Dondyuk Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova, Chişinau, Republic of Moldova,




protection of mother and child, medical institutions, human resources in obstetrics and gynecology, quality medical services, perspective


This article aims to present the results of a study of the current situation that targets the problem of staffing and education of obstetrician-gynecologists within the maternal and child health care system in the Republic of Moldova. The study showed the need to introduce special methods for planning and forecasting the required number of medical personnel, depending on the specific socio-economic development of the country. The creation of multidirectional personnel monitoring systems will allow for the control of the distribution of specialists towards the necessary directions, assuring the well-functioning of both the entire healthcare sector as well as the rendering of specialised medical assistance to the mother and child.


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Obstetrics and gynecology