He lived for the sake of people. To the 180th anniversary of the Ekaterinoslav zemstvo doctor V.T. Skrylnikov (1837-1898) (part 2).

Yu. G. Pisarenko


The second part of the essay about zemstvo doctor, V.T. Skrylnikov elucidates his fruitful activity in the field of balneology: study and popularization of therapeutic properties of the so-called "Timofeev clay", publication of his "Seasonal Bulletin of Slaviansk mineral water ". We describe recent years of the doctor’s life, complicatedwith the disease and severe family affairs. The grateful memoriesof his fellow doctors about himare listed.


V.T. Skrylnikov; balneology; "Timofeyev clay"; "Seasonal Bulletin of Slaviansk mineral water "

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