Vol 18, No 4 (2013)

Table of Contents


Measles (lecture, continuing). PDF
L. R. Shostakovych-Koretsraya, V. V. Mavrutenkov, A. V. Cherhinets, I. V. Budayeva, О. M. Yakunina, Z. A. Chykarenko 4-15
Somatoform disorders in the family doctor's practice. PDF
V. Yu. Prykhodko, I. R. Mikropulo, M. V. Oleinik, E. A. Kononenko, D. Yu. Moreva, O. V. Gogol, D. O. Kashkovskiy, O. A. Lisnyak, A. I. Lisnyak 15-23
Strategy for diagnosis and correction of vaginal dysbiosis in terms of preparation of pregnant for planned cesarean section and prevention of postpartum endometritis. PDF
K. V. Voronin, A. M. Alale, I. I. Alale, Y. N. Dzyba 24-32
Increasing the efficiency of teaching the topic "Burns, frostbites, electric traumas" by means of modern educational technology. PDF
N. N. Nor 33-35
Measles (lecture) PDF
L. R. Shostakovych-Koretskaya, V. V. Mavrutenkov, A. V. Cherhinets, I. V. Budayeva, O. M. Yakunina, Z. A. Chykarenko 4-15


Pitavastatin – a new inhibitor of the HMG-CoA reductase: peculiarities of clinical pharmacology and perspectives of its usage in treatment of cardiovascular diseases. PDF
G. V. Dzyak, K. Yu. Yegorov, E. L. Kolesnik 36-44
Gene polymorphism of endothelial NO-synthase, angiotensin-converting enzyme and receptors of angiotensin II type 1 in patients with coronary artery disease and type II diabetes. PDF
L. M. Yakovleva 45-52
Connective tissue dysplasia in patients with mitral valve prolapse. PDF
M. A. Kuznetsova 53-56
Clinical features of development of chronic cerebral ischemia against background of pronounced decrease of cognitive functions. PDF
Yu. D. Zalisna 56-60
Link of apoptosis level in the primary tumor at early stages of non-small cell lung cancer with efficacy of adjuvant polychemotherapy. PDF
O. P. Kolesnik, A. I. Shevchenko, V. O. Tumansky, M. A. Shyshkin, A. V. Yevseyev 61-67
Comparison of risk assessment models of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carrier in patients with breast cancer. PDF
L. A. Rybchenko, A. M. Bychkova, G. V. Skyban, S. V. Klymenko 68-74
Biostatistical analysis of treatment results of bacterial liver abscesses using minimally invasive techniques and open surgery. PDF
A. A. Кipshidze, P. S. Beyner, N. V. Beyner 74-78
Disturbance of intracardiac hemodynamics in children with chronic rheumatic cardiac disease. PDF
V. A. Kondratiev, N. H. Porokhnya, Ye. V. Kunak 79-85
Caries preventive efficiency of therapeutic complex accomponying orthodontic treatment of children with initial dental caries. PDF
A. E. Denga 85-90
Some aspects of periodontitis pathogenesis in children. PDF
I. N. Shcherbina, I. V. Kovach, Ye. N. Dychko, O. M. Taran 90-94


Estimation of modern range of fungicides and scope of their application in agriculture of Ukraine as component of state social and hygienic monitoring. PDF
O. P. Vavrinevych, S. T. Omelchuk, V. G. Bardov 95-103


Modern approaches to carrying out profound medical examination of servicemen of Security Service of Ukraine. PDF
I. A. Lurin, H. I. Titov, V. V. Zavaletskyi, V. O. Voloshin, I. L. Neduzha, S. Yu. Danilevsky 104-107


On the 40th anniversary of the Post graduate studies faculty of state establishment "Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of Health Ministry of Ukraine". PDF


In commemoration of professor Olexiy Volodymyrovych Lyulko PDF
SE DMA 115-116
In commemoration of professor Syrota Hrygoriy Ilarionovych PDF
Ye. N. Dychko 117-118