Vol 24, No 4 (2019)

Table of Contents


Relevant approaches to modernization of academic and material and technical process support of academic process in the field of knowledge “Health care” in terms of adapting to international assessment criteria. PDF (Українська) PDF (English)
T. O. Pertseva, I. S. Shponka, I. V. Tverdokhlib, O. Yu. Pototskaya 4-11
Investigation of students' academic participation in combined learning based on learning management system. PDF (English)
Daryadokht Masroor Roudsar, Haghani Hamid, Dehnad Afsaneh, Mojtaba Ghanbari Ghalesari, Shoub Ghasemi Maryam, Rokni Akbarian Mostafa 12-18
Possibilities of pharmacological correction of the artifical bladder contractile activity in experimental conditions in vivo. PDF (Українська) PDF (English)
R. V. Savchuk, F. I. Kostyev, N. V. Shmatkova 19-24
Indicators of pain sensitivity threshold in experimental osteoarthritis and hypothyroidism. PDF (Українська) PDF (English)
D. S. Nosivets 25-29


Infectious exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: place and role of respiratory viral pathogens. PDF (Українська) PDF (English)
Y. I. Feshchenko, V. K. Gavrisyuk, I. V. Dziublyk, O. Ya. Dziublyk, G. L. Gumeniuk, M. I. Gumeniuk, G. B. Kapitan, V. A. Yachnik 30-35
Assessment of the concentration of nitric oxide in exhaled air (FeNO) in primary school children in Krakow and Ruzomberk in relation to air pollution in these cities. PDF (English)
M. Czubaj-Kowal, T. Friediger, M. Połcik-Jastrząb, M. Sokołowski, Z. Hudakova 36-43
Influence of choleretic therapy on the microRNA-4714-3p expression level in children with functional disorders of the gallbladder and Оddi's sphincter. PDF (English)
A. E. Abaturov, V. L. Babуch 43-50
Investigating effects of grape seed extract on neuropathic pain in the streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice. PDF (English)
A. Yurt, B. Köksal, P. Gürbüz, A. Yıldız, N. Vardı, E. Alçin 51-58
Arterial hypertension with comorbid chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: relationship between tolerance to physical exercise and structural and functional state of the heart. PDF (English)
T. Z. Burtniak, V. A. Potabasniy, V. I. Fesenko 59-68
Effect of antibacterial therapy on the clinical course of streptococcal tonsillopharyngitis in children. PDF (English)
T. Haiduk, A. Cherhinets, L. Shostakovych-Koretska 69-74
Comorbidity profile in chronic brain ischemia on the background of multifocal atherosclerosis. PDF (English)
L. А. Dzyak, О. А. Rosytska 74-83
Features of the emotional portrait of teen-age girls in the context of their color-sensory attitude to modern communication technologies and state of anxiety. PDF (English)
I. Vysochyna, I. Avramenko, V. Kramarchuk, T. Yashkina 84-88
Current approaches to the treatment of frequently recurrent urticaria. PDF (Українська) PDF (English)
E. M. Dytyatkovska, Yu. V. Bendetska, I. A. Rodkina, N. А. Nedogibchenko 89-93
Comparative analysis of vitamin D contents in patients with chronic viral hepatitis C and healthy. PDF (Українська) PDF (English)
L. L. Shostakovych-Koretskaya, M. A. Nikolaychuk, I. V. Budayeva, O. P. Shevchenko-Makarenko, K. Yu. Lytviy, S. V. Biletska 94-101
Prognosis of the probability of the development of deviant behavior among HIV infected with non-psychotic mental disorders based on multiple logistic analysis. PDF (Українська) PDF (English)
O. M. Hnenna 101-111
Non-psychotic psychiatric disorders in persons who have experienced psychosocial stress in terms of military conflict. PDF (Українська) PDF (English)
L. M. Yuryeva, T. Y. Shusterman, E. O. Likholetov 112-120
Clinical-laboratory portrait of patients with cervical cancer with late radiation toxicity due to radiation therapy. PDF (Українська) PDF (English)
M. V. Krasnoselskyi, F. V. Hladkykh, H. V. Kulinich, V. S. Sevastianova 121-133
Oral piercing is a new challenge in the dentistry. PDF (Українська) PDF (English)
A. V. Samoilenko, V. Yu. Orishchenko, T. N. Strelchenia, O. V. Strelchenia 133-144
Comparative analysis of the effect of tricalcium silicate cement and mineral trioxide aggregate on the cellular composition of the pulp after the vital amputation in experimental animals. PDF (English)
Yu. Khotimska, I. Kovach, Kh. Buniatian, L. Kravchenko, S. Varzhapetian 145-153


Features of atmospheric air pollution in a non-industrial city: risk for the population. PDF (Українська) PDF (English)
A. M. Serdyuk, I. V. Hushchuk, I. O. Chernychenko, O. M. Lytvychenko 154-159
Analysis of indicators of public health in the Kamensko-Dneprovskyi rural region. PDF (English)
L. V. Hryhorenko, V. M. Baibakov 160-176


Ways of optimizing medical services for children at educational institutions under the Health Care system reform in Ukraine. PDF (Українська) PDF (English)
I. M. Khomenko, O. P. Ivakhno, N. M. Zakharova 177-181


Clinical case of chemoresistant tuberculosis in the patient with tuberous sclerosis: difficulties of diagnosis, features of the course and treatment. PDF (Українська) PDF (English)
N. S. Kolesnik, N. A. Marchenko, A. I. Stadnik, V. V. Ielisieiev, T. A. Stepanova 182-190