Vol 25, No 2 (2020)

Table of Contents


Distance learning: opportunities and challenges in quarantine. PDF (Українська) PDF (ENGLISH)
V. F. Zavizion, I. M. Bondarenko, D. I. Avierin, M. I. Hojouj, N. O. Davlietova, N. O. Cherednychenlo, A. V. Prokhach, V. E. Mashtaler, K. O. Dmytrenko, V. V. Lohvynenko, V. S. Kyslytsyna, O. A. Sukhoversha, Y. M. Khvorostenko, M. H. Elhajj, P. L. Suzdalev, T. F. Myroniuk, I. N. Kichtenko, Y. V. Hrabovskyi, K. V. Smolina, I. V. Baranov 4-12
The format of training family doctors on palliative care in the Dnipropetrovsk region. PDF (Українська) PDF (ENGLISH)
I. L. Vysochina, S. I. Valchuk, I. V. Vasilevskaya 12-18
The state and prospects of development of national higher pharmaseutical education PDF (Українська) PDF (ENGLISH)
T. D. Reva, I. V. Nizhenkovska, O. M. Chkhalo, N. V. Stuchynska 19-25
The role of students’ individual work in the formation of professional competences of future doctors. PDF (English)
O. V. Kuryta, K. H. Karapetian, Ye. O. Frolova, Yu. S. Kushnir 25-29
Coexistence of multiple sclerosis and brain tumors: a literature review. PDF (English)
A. H. Sirko, L. A. Dzyak, E. V. Chekha 30-36
Adoption of the governmental affordable medicines programme by ukrainians. PDF (English)
M. V. Shevchenko, T. P. Yurochko, O. S. Skrypnikova 37-43
Influence of lecithins on disorders of cognitive functions of animals caused by tetrachloromethane. PDF (Українська) PDF (ENGLISH)
I. S. Svirgun, Mohammed Adab, O. S. Koshelev, O. L. Drozdov 43-47


Dynamics of incidence of mental and behavior disorders in children of Ukraine: a 25-years’ observation experience. PDF (Українська) PDF (ENGLISH)
O. P. Volosovets, Y. K. Bolbot, A. O. Volosovets, L. E. Trachuk, S. P. Kryvopustov, G. V. Beketova, A. Ya. Kuzmenko 48-54
Measurement of nitric oxide in exhaled air in primary school children in Ružomberok. PDF (English)
M. Czubaj-Kowal, T. Friediger, Z. Hudáková, M. Sokołowski, E. Walczak-Kapołka, I. Aštaryová, A. Lesňáková 55-59
Analysis of ANRIL gene polymorphism rs4977574 association with kidney cancer development in Ukrainian population. PDF (English)
A. D. Volkogon, V. Yu. Harbuzova, A. V. Ataman 60-65
Gene polymorphism of blood coagulation factors and endothelial dysfunction in early and late preeclampsia. PDF (Українська) PDF (ENGLISH)
T. O. Loskutova, T. V. Demchenko, N. V. Kryachkova 66-71
Essential elements role in pathogenesis of occupational chronic lumbosacral radiculopathy in coal miners. PDF (Українська) PDF (ENGLISH)
A. V. Basanets, I. N. Andrusyshyna, О. N. Lashko 71-77
Clinical course and risk prediction of permanent atrial fibrillation development in patients with chronic heart failure and mid-range ejection fraction of the left ventricle. PDF (Українська) PDF (ENGLISH)
O. O. Khaniukov, M. I. Yalovenko, O. S. Kalashnykova, O. I. Kravchenko 78-85
Results of treatment of patients with combined atherosclerotic lesions of the cerebral and coronary arteries who underwent carotid endarterectomy at different terms before aortic-coronary bypass surgery. PDF (English)
S. P. Grigoruk, M. O. Zorin, S. O. Dudukina 86-92
Substantiation of the ethiopathogenic choice of substitution therapy medications for the dry eye syndrome. PDF (English)
O. V. Kryvoviaz, Yu. O. Tomashevska, O. V. Makarenko, V. V. Kudria 92-97
Electroencephalography quantitative indicators of patients with bilateral vocal fold paralysis PDF (Українська) PDF (ENGLISH)
T. A. Shydlovska, T. B. Zemliak 98-103
Chemotherapy effect on arginine / citrulline cycle indicators in patients with acute myeloid leukemia and concomitant obesity. PDF (Українська) PDF (ENGLISH)
H. S. Maslova, I. M. Skrypnyk 103-108
Activation of chronic inflammation and comorbidity in end-stage renal disease patients treated with continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. PDF (Українська) PDF (ENGLISH)
I. M. Shifris, I. O. Dudar, V. E. Driyanska, А. U. Shymova 108-118
Features of diagnosis and treatment of spleen abscesses. PDF (English)
O. B. Kutovoy, O. A. Klishyn, S. O. Kosulnikov, K. V. Kravchenko, S. O. Tarnopolskiy, M. V. Lohvynenko 118-124
Stage approach in surgical treatment of acute pancreatitis. PDF (Українська) PDF (ENGLISH)
I. V. Kolosovych, B. H. Bezrodnyi, I. V. Hanol, I. V. Cherepenko 124-129
The level of expression of miR-196a in patients with chronic viral hepatitis C with the first genotype of HCV according to previous experience of antiviral therapy. PDF (English)
L. R. Shostakovych-Koretskaya, O. P. Shevchenko-Makarenko, T. Yu. Lapikova-Bryhinska 130-137
Effectiveness of morphogenetic protein rhBMP-2 use in atypical third mandibular molars extraction. PDF (English)
O. O. Gudaryan, N. G. Іdashkіna, Zh. M. Nekhanevich 137-144


Clinical and hygienic assessment of bone mineral density in population of ecologically contrasting territories. PDF (Українська) PDF (ENGLISH)
O. E. Loskutov, E. M. Biletska, V. V. Kalinicheva, N. M. Onul, D. A. Sinegubov 145-148
Weight of the thyroid, adrenal glands, and the liver of white rats in the conditions of hyperthyroidism: the possibility of applying indices changes as screening-markers for determining body status effected by organic and inorganic iodine. PDF (English)
O. I. Ryabukha 149-155
Features of the processes of formation of indicators of emotional burnout of students in the dynamics of learning in modern institutions of higher medical education. PDF (Українська) PDF (ENGLISH)
I. V. Serheta, O. P. Mostovaya, O. Yu. Panchuk, N. V. Stoyan 155-162


Psychological bases of occupational health of specialists of economic sphere. PDF (English)
О. А. Shevchenko, I. A. Burlakova, О. V. Sheviakov, O. A. Agarkov, I. A. Shramko 163-167


Analysis of the statute and the first year of the activities of Lviv Society of Halician Physicians («Towаrzystwo lekarzów Galicyjskich»). PDF (Українська) PDF (ENGLISH)
I. R. Berest, R. Ya. Berest, M. S. Pasichnyk, H. M. Savchuk, M. A. Oliynyk 168-176