Vol 19, No 3 (2014)

Table of Contents


Translocation of trace elements in the system "Mother-placenta-fetus" in rats with physiological pregnancy and under conditions of lead exposure. PDF
E. M. Biletska, N. М. Onul 04-09
Behavioral disorders in rats with chronic myocardial dysfunction. PDF
A. G. Rodinskiy, Yu. V. Kozlova 10-14


Rare human diseases: 9p deletion syndrome. PDF
V. O. Galagan 15-18
Evaluation of informativeness of DNA methylation degree of DKK4 gene as a diagnostic criterion in breast adenocarcinoma. PDF
V. N. Zaporozhan, V. V. Bubnov, V. G. Marichereda, Yu. Yu. Petrovsky, D. Yu. Andronov 18-23
Current approaches to the treatment of endometrial hyperplasia in women with uterine leiomyoma. PDF
V. A. Potapov, Yu. V. Donskaya, M. V. Medvediev 23-29
Peculiarities of diagnostics and clinical course of different immunohistochemical subtypes of breast cancer. PDF
M. Kh. El Khazhzh, I. M. Bondarenko, O. I. Aseyev, I. S. Shponka, V. F. Zavizion, A. S. Sklyar, L. M. Vinichenko, M. I. Khodzhuzh, A. V. Kunik, M. V. Artemenko 29-35
Relationship of endothelial dysfunction with degree of renal function damage and lipidemic profile in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension. PDF
N. O. Pertseva 36-43
Intraoperative risk of bleeding and its prevention during transcervical myomectomy. PDF
V. V. Kaminsky, V. V. Dunaevska, M. V. Medvediev 44-51
Experimental study of effectiveness of local application of electroneurostimulation, cortexin and methylprednisolone in acute spinal cord injury. PDF
V. I. Tsymbaliuk, L. A. Dzyak, N. N. Sal'kov, A. G. Rodinsky, S. S. Tkachenko 51-56
Antibacterial activity of probiotics in bladder tumor patients. PDF
R. N. Molchanov 57-61
Prognostic criteria for the development of infective endocarditis in children with heart pathology. PDF
N. G. Porokhnya 62-65
Atypical depression in the structure of organic mental disorders (literature review). PDF
I. D. Spirina, S. F. Leonov, T. Y. Shusterman, S. V. Rokutov, A. V. Shornikov 65-71
Results of cellular immunity research in persons using fixed dentures based on different metal alloys. PDF
D. V. Grizodub 71-75
Usage of echocardiography with physical loads for diagnosis of myocardial contractile reserve of the left ventricle in athletes. PDF
O. B. Nekhanevich, M. A. Kuznetsova 75-81
State of oral hygiene and identification of the main risk factors for inflammatory diseases of periodontal tissues in young people. PDF
M. V. Makarenko 81-85
Modern views on the pathogenesis of hard dental tissues and periodontium lesions and means of their treatment in children with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. PDF
V. Y. Krupey 86-91


Irradiation doses and evaluation of measures of radiological protection of population dwelling in the most radioactively contaminated territories of Ukraine. PDF
I. M. Khomenko 92-97
Peculiarities of toxicodynamics and evaluation of hazard of the new avermectin class insecticides–abamectin and emamectin. PDF
B. I. Shpak, A. M. Antonenko, M. M. Korshun 97-104


Level of infertility in regions according to Ministry of Public Health data. PDF
O. I. Tymchenko, D. O. Mykytenko, O. P. Koba, O. V. Lynchak 105-111
Improving quality of components and protein preparations of blood plasma by introduction of quality management according to the principles of GMP and ISO 9001 in the blood service institutions with benchmarking effectiveness. PDF
V. V. Liubchack, A. S. Timchenko, V. A. Liubchack 112-116


Corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine L.V. Usenko is 80.