Vol 19, No 4 (2014)

Table of Contents


L-lysine escinat, thiotriazolin, gordox and mydocalm influence on oxygen tension in the intestinal wall and acid-base balance and limited proteolysis in intestinal venous blood in terms of intraabdominal hypertension modeling. PDF
V. I. Sapegin, I. D. Sapegin, F. N. Ilchenko 4-12
Age aspect of adaptive response of the central nervous system in the state of emotional pain. PDF
Ye. M. Demchenko 12-17


Diagnostics of disorders of mucociliary clearance in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by determining content of medium weight molecules in sputum. PDF
T. O. Pertseva, O. A. Lykholat, O. V. Gurzhiy 18-24
Arterial wall stiffness in patients with essential hypertension at young age.
E. L. Kolesnik 25-33
COPD exacerbation: anthropometric characteristics of patients and the frequency of hospital admissions. PDF
K. Y. Gashynova 33-39
Diagnostic criteria of the state of the distributed brain stem regulatory structures in cerebrovascular diseases. PDF
A. V. Pogorelov 40-42
Roflumilast, ursodeoxycholic acid and nucleinate efficiency in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with accompanying chronic non-stone cholecystitis. PDF
T. V. Dudka, O. S. Huhlina 43-49
Perioperative hemodynamic status in children with acquired hydrocephalia. PDF
V. I. Snisar, V. V. Skliar, V. I. Lisivets 50-57
Morphologic and immune-histochemic peculiarities of placenta in its dysfunction in anemia of pregnancy. PDF
I. A. Ancheva 57-66
The dynamics of histamine level in patients with chronic urticaria under the influence of different methods of treatment. PDF
Ye. M. Dytyatkovska 66-70
Clinical and diagnostic features of asthenic states in cerebrovascular diseases. PDF
A. V. Pogorelov 70-73
Relationship between aneurism of ascending part of aorta and syndrome of connective tissue dysplasia. PDF
N. Yu. Osovska 73-83
Definition of drug resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to antituberculosis drugs in patients with multidrugresistant tuberculosis and TB with extremely drug resistant depending on the case of the disease. PDF
D. G. Kryzhanovsky, N. A. Marchenko, V. A. Freivald 84-89
Dynamics of endothelial dysfunction, nephropathic and dyslipidemic disorders in patients with insufficient glycemic compensation of type 2 diabetes mellitus during 1 year of application of angiotensin II receptor antagonists for hypertension correction. PDF
N. O. Pertseva 89-97
Surgical treatment of laryngeal stenosis with semiconductor laser. PDF
A. A. Chernokur 97-102
Interrelation of blood lipid spectrum, level of systemic inflammation and mass of body in patients with coronary heart disease in combination with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and their dynamics in terms of secondary prevention. PDF
O. V. Kuryata, M. M. Grechanyk 103-111
Cardiovascular risk factors in patients with rheumatoid arthritis in combination with hypertension depending on body weight. PDF
O. Yu. Sіrenko 112-120
Stage collapse-surgical treatment of patients with bilateral destructive pulmonary tuberculosis. PDF
I. V. Korpusenko 120-127
Significance of free radical oxidation in purulent process development in patients with chronic generalized periodontitis I-II severity degree. PDF
I. I. Dronik 127-130
Microbial landscape features in patients with generalized periodontitis at pre-clinical and radiological stage of its development. PDF
N. V. Vatamanyuk 131-135
Choice of osteoplastic materials for bone regeneration in the treatment of patients with generalized periodontitis with diabetes mellitus tape 2. PDF
A. A. Gudaryan, S. I. Shandyba 135-140
Features of microbiocenosis of gingival tissues and local immunity in patients with chronic and exacerbated generalized catarrhal gingivitis course. PDF
A. A. Shostenko 141-145
Peculiarities of rotavirus infection in children with different genotypes of the lactase gene. PDF
A. E. Abaturov, Y. Y. Stepanova, O. N. Gerasymenko 146-153


The ratio of the subjective audiometry in patients with acoustic trauma and “noisy” production workers. PDF
T. А. Shydlovska, L. H. Petruk 154-158
Health-defining technology as an interaction of adolescents, family, school and the environment. PDF
S. А. Schudro 159-164


Study of psychological bases of leadership competency formation of managers of public health institutions. PDF
V. N. Lekhan, L. V. Kryachkova, G. S. Kanyuka 165-169
The peculiarities of formation of circulatory system pathology of evacuated adult population exposed to ionizing radiation on thyroid gland after the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. PDF
O. A. Kapustinskaia 169-177