Vol 20, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents


Possibilities of pharmacologic correction of cognitive disorders in conditions of experimental equivalent of multiple sclerosis. PDF
A. A. Nefyodov, V. Io. Mamchur 4-11
Summation of subthreshold impulses in case of separate and combined effects of cadmium and immobilization stress, considering typology of behavior of experimental animals. PDF
Yu. V. Fedorenko 11-16
Peculiarities of academic motivation of the students of high medical school. PDF
I. M. Bondarenko, V. F. Zavizion, V. S. Kyslytsyna, O. I. Aseyev, K. O. Dmytrenko, V. S. Mashtaler, H. S. Kaniyka, H. F. Starushkevych, T. V. Filat, M.I. M. Khodzhuzh 17-25
Experimental study of anti-inflammatory activity of the new combined with drug urolytolytic action. PDF
T. I. Iermolenko 25-29


Influence of insulin resistance on renal function in patients with abdominal obesity. PDF
T. O. Pertseva, M. K. Rokutova 30-36
Clinical-anthropometric characteristics of COPD outpatients belonging to the different groups and having different severity of airway obstruction. PDF
K. Y. Gashynova 36-42
Cognitive disorders in patients with arterial hypertension in real medical practice. PDF
T. A. Khomazyuk, V. Yu. Krotova, O. V. Sova, V. M. Yagolnik 42-47
Тhe features of severe community acquired pneumonia. PDF
I. V. Avramenko 47-53
Primary dyslipidemia and cardiometabolic risk: potential of pitavastatin. PDF
A. E. Berezin, T. V. Sheychenko, T. A. Berezina, N. V. Vishnevaya, N. V. Kovalenko, Z. I. Kulik, I. А. Мoiseenko 54-62
Long-term results in patients with intracranial aneurismal subarachnoid hemorrhages and their prognosis. PDF
S. O. Dudukina 62-69
Mini-invasive resection and collapse therapy in patients with bilateral pulmonary tuberculosis. PDF
I. V. Korpusenko 70-78
Influence of inhalation anesthesia in caesarean section on parturients’ cognitive functions. PDF
O. O. Volkov 78-84
One stage correction of anorectal malformations in newborns. PDF
I. O. Makedonsky 84-87
Molecular mechanisms of recurrent acute obstructive bronchitis in infants. PDF
A. E. Abaturov, E. A. Rusakova 88-94
Improvement of vacuum wound therapy methods in patients with diabetic foot syndrome. PDF
A. M. Besedin 94-99
Influence of inhalation anesthesia in caesarean section on parturients’ cognitive functions. PDF
O. O. Volkov 78-84


Osteopathy development: ecological - hygienic aspects of the problem nowadays (literature review). PDF
E. M. Biletska, O. V. Bezub, V. V. Okolova 100-108
Hygienic estimation of occupational risk and substantiation of regulations on Orvego Fungicide safe application in agricultural sector. PDF
S. V. Bilous, E. P. Vavrinevych, S. T. Omelchuk 109-117
Nutrition status as a criterion of donosologic diagnostics of teenagers health. PDF
S. А. Schudro 117-123
Complex estimation of functional changes in the organism of healthy rats which consumed water of the lake Kagul as drinking water. PDF
L. I. Kovalchuk, A. V. Mokiyenko, B. A. Nasibullin, L. B. Solodova, S. G. Guscha, O. Ya. Oleshko, O. I. Bakholdina 124-130


Analysis of structure of lumbar spine dorsopathy morbidity in able-bodied age patients. PDF
M. V. Manin, V. V. Abramov, O. B. Nekhanevich, P. A. Khaitov, N. I. Kaptelov, I. V. Sysenko 131-136


Landmarks of evolution of hip joint endoprosthesing. PDF
A. Ye. Oleynyk 137-144


To 80-th birthday of our teacher – corresponding member of NAMS of Ukraine, doctor of medicine, professor O.V. Lyulko. PDF
V. P. Stus 145-147