Vol 20, No 4 (2015)

Table of Contents


Experimental allergic encephalomyelitis: peculiarities of pain-relieving therapy and place of anti¬con¬vulsants as analgetics. PDF
O. O. Nefyodov, V. I. Mamchur 4-9
Intramural uterine leyomima and fertility (literature review). PDF
A. A. Alexenko, L. Ye. Medvedieva, M. V. Medvediev 10-15


Relation between clinical and anthropometric data and systemic inflammation in patients with COPD. PDF
Т. А. Pertseva, D. S. Mykhailychenko 16-22
Correction of renal dysfunction under the influence of dietary management, exercises and lisinopril in patients with abdominal obesity and hypertension. PDF
M. K. Rokutova 23-29
The relationship between leptin and resistin levels and parameters of the ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in patients with type 2 diabetes and arterial hypertension. PDF
A. M. Urbanovych 29-34
Peculiarities of cardiac performance in children with bronchial asthma against chronic tonsillitis. PDF
V. А. Kondratiev, А. V. Reznik, А. V. Yegoreynko 34-39
Extra-aural disorders in patients with acoustic trauma who were in the zone of the antiterrorist operation. PDF
T. A. Shidlovs’ka, L. G. Petruk 39-50
Effect of systemic inflammatory response in the development of encephalopathy in severe thermal injury. PDF
O. Y. Sorokina, T. O. Buryak 50-56
Modern possibilities of antisecretory therapy in children. PDF
T. V. Yaroshevskaya, N. B. Sapa, N. N. Kramarenko, S. P. Degtyar 57-61
Studying aerococci impact on colonization of intestinal mucous membrane with vibrions and ability to destroy staphilococus toxin. PDF
D. О. Stepanskyi 61-65
The functional status of the professional football players during functional testing procedure. PDF
P. P. Pavlichenko 65-71
Change of oral microbiocenosis in students with dental caries and chronic catarrhal gingivitis in the dynamics of treatment. PDF
E. G. Shvartsnau, O. M. Kucherenko 72-79


Water supply of Zaporizhzhya Priazovye: nascent, stages of development, problems of nowadays and hygienic substantiation of ways of their solutions. PDF
K. Zagorodniuk, S. Omelchuk, Yu. Zagorodnyuk, P. Vanat, M. Nikulin, A. Grinzovskyy, O. Chyzhyk 80-90
Analysis of health risk for children living in the areas of atmospheric air polluted with sulfur dioxide emissions. PDF
A. A. Petrosian 91-97


Academician Lev Ivanovych Medved’ (to his 110-th birthday). PDF
V. I. Fedorenko, E. M. Biletska, Yu. M. Panyshko 98-102