Vol 22, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents


Dynamics of cadmium acclumulation in the internal organs of rats after exposure to cadmium chloride and cadmium sulphide nanopartiles of various sizes. PDF
O. L. Apykhtina, K. P. Kozlov 4-9
Inhibitory mechanism of influence of thyroid hormones on cognitive function of the brain. PDF
A. G. Rodynsky, E. M. Demchenko, E. J. Kondratieva, A. J. Golubka, D. S. Yaroshenko 9-13
Peculiarities of mental and behavioral disorders due to use of designer drugs among young population and problems of early diagnostics (literature review). PDF
I. D. Spirina, S. V. Rokutov, E. S. Fedenko, A. V. Shornikov, O. E. Holopchenko 14-20
Updated approaches to the organisation of educational process. PDF
Ju. V. Chorna 20-23


Features of laboratory indicators of severe community-acquired pneumonia. PDF
T. A. Pertzeva, I. V. Avramenko 24-31
Assessment of quality of life in adolescents with obesity associated with polymorphisms of the lactase gene. PDF
A E Abaturov, A A Nikulina 31-36
Frequency of risk factors of cardiovascular diseases and renal functional state in patients with chronic heart failure with atrial fibrillation. PDF
O. V. Kuryata, Muhammad Muhammad, O. S. Mytrokhina 36-43
Improvement of the system of supply of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with hemotransfusion agents. PDF
A. D. Zamkovyi, A. S. Tymchenko 44-51
The impact of obesity on the structure of osteoarthrosis of large joints of the lower limb. PDF
A. E. Loskutov, A. V. Kuryata, A. V. Cherkasova 52-59
Mechanism of formation of oxalate concrements in the presence of ureaseproducing pathogens in urine (conception). PDF
S. A. Vozianov, D. V. Koval, A. V. Rudenko, N. I. Zheltovska 60-66
Staged isolation of abdominal cavity in generalized on peritonitis. PDF
А. Kutovoi, S. Kosulnikov, E. Zavizion, D. Stepanskyi 66-71
Heart rate variability in patients with hypertension combined with osteoarthrosis under the impact of antihypertensive therapy. PDF
O. S. Khmel, V. V. Rodionova 71-78
Study of biological action of aerococcus аutosymbionts on the model of staphylococcal infection. PDF
D. O. Stepanskyi, G. M. Kremenchutskyi, I. P. Koshova 78-85
The role of polymorphism of genes of the I and II phase of xenobiotics biotransformation in the development of recurrent and chronic bronchitis in adolescent-smokers PDF
S. I. Il'chenko, A. А. Fialkovskaia, N. N. Kramarenko, G. V. Makukh 85-90
Study of progesterone-induced blocking factor in the treatment of women with threatening abortion, taking into account the polymorphism of the progesterone receptor gene. PDF
O. S. Kryvopustov 91-95
Features of treatment of various clinical variants of generalized catarrhal gingivitis. PDF
А. А. Gudaryan, N. B. Kuznyak, A A. Shostenko 95-103
Clinical and laboratory efficacy of systemic enzyme therapy in patients with chronic generalized periodontitis complicated by purulent foci in soft periodontal tissues. PDF
А. А. Gudaryan, N. B. Kuznyak, I. I. Dronik 104-110
Complex treatment of generalized catarrhal gingivitis with precursors of early formation of destructive phenomena in the bone structures of periodontium. PDF
А. А. Gudaryan, V. I. Struk, N. V. Vatamanyuk 111-118


Assessment of ecotoxicological hazard and risk of contamination of groundwater with different groups of pesticides. PDF
P. V. Stavnichenko, L. O. Novohatska, A. M. Antonenko, O. P. Vavrinevych 119-125
Hygiene and didactic criteria of adaptation to the initial stage of training in higher education establishments. PDF
N. P. Grebnyak, S. A. Schudro, R. A. Fedorchenko 126-132
The major factors of influence on the socio-psychological climate in the team of health care workers. PDF
T. A. Vezhnovets 133-140


He lived for the sake of people. To the 180th anniversary of the Ekaterinoslav zemstvo doctor V.T. Skrylnikov (1837-1898) (part 2). PDF
Yu. G. Pisarenko 141-151
He lived for the sake of people. To the 180th anniversary of the Ekaterinoslav zemstvo doctor V.T. Skrylnikov (1837-1898) (part 2). PDF
Yu. G. Pisarenko 141-151