Vol 18, No 3 (2013)

Table of Contents


Measles (lecture) PDF
L. R. Shostakovych-Koretskaya, V. V. Mavrutenkov, A. V. Cherhinets, I. V. Budayeva, O. M. Yakunina, Z. A. Chykarenko 4-15
Somatoform disorders in the family doctor's practice. PDF
V. Prykhodko, I. Mikropulo, M. Oleinik, E. Kononenko, D. Moreva, O. Gogol, D. Kashkovskiy, O. Lisnyak, A. Lisnyak 15-24
Корь (лекция) PDF
L. R. Shostakovych-Koretsraya, V. V. Mavrutenkov, A. V. Cherhinets, I. V. Budayeva, O. M. Yakunina, Z. A. Chykarenko 4-15


Difficult diagnosis. Clinical analysis of pneumonia overdiagnosis case. PDF
T. A. Pertseva, T. V. Kyreyeva, N. K. Kravchenko 25-29
Сharacteristics of flexible elastic properties of the carotid arteries in women with arterial hypertension. PDF
О. A. Коval, I. M. Zubko 30-37
The study of antithrombotic efficacy, safety and tolerability of aspirin generic in patients with coronary heart disease. PDF
T. A. Khomaziuk, L. I. Novozhenina, А. Е. Levykh, S. I. Kryzhanovska, V. I. Hrytsenko 37-43
Methods of early revealing, prognosis of further course and complications of pollinosis. PDF
N. D. Chukhrienko, Ye. G. Grabovskaya 44-49
Prevention and correction of hypocalaemia during systematic hypothermia in patients with aneurismal subarachnoid hemorrhages. PDF
S. Dudukina 49-54
Prevalence, morphologic characteristic and predictors of organization of atrial auricle thrombi four weeks after anticoagulant preparation to scheduled electrical cardioversion of atrial fibrillation. PDF
O. S. Kalashnykova 55-60
Comparative dynamics of self-consciousness of schizophrenic patients and patients with acute and transient psychotic disorders in the process of compulsory treatment. PDF
L. N. Yur’yeva, N. A. Demura, Y. V. Zhur, N. Y. Kolomoyets, N. G. Kushnir 61-70
Iron metabolism and diagnostic of iron deficiency in inflammatory bowel diseases. PDF
T. Boyko 70-77
Features of the local immunity state of upper respiratory tract mucosa in children – pupil-orphans of children’s home and effectiveness of seasonal prophylaxis of ARVI using multicomponent herbal preparation. PDF
I. L. Vysochynа 77-83
Particularities of gastroduodenal pathology in children, associated with cytotoxic CAGA-positive strains of Helicobacter pylori. PDF
O. N. Gerasimenko 84-89
Biochemical properties of collagen metabolism in patients with recurrent genital prolapse. PDF (Українська)
R. М. Banakhevich 89-94
Adipokines resistin and lipokalin-2 and its role in the pathogenesis of polycystic ovary syndrome and metabolic syndrome. PDF
N. Yu. Voronenko 95-110


Dnepropetrovsk hygienic school: past, present and future. PDF
E. M. Beletskaya, T. D. Zemlyakova 111-118
Optimization of analitycal control over residues of active ingridients of modern pesticides in reservoirs water. PDF
V. M. Semenenko, V. G. Bardov, О. M. Korshun, A. О. Lipavska, M. M. Korshun 119-126
Psychohygienic estimation of features of the formation of properties of character of pupils aged 14-17 years in the dynamics of learning at modern schools. PDF
I. V. Serheta, O. P. Mostova 126-133
The structure of long tubular bones fractures of lower extremity by the data of the regional bureau of forensic-medical examination. PDF
I. H. Savka, V. T. Bachynsky, I. L. Bezhenar 140-143
Sickness rate and disability resulting from diseases of the nervous system: leading factors and ways of prevention. PDF
A. G. Kyrychenko 144-153


State of infantile mortality in Chernigov area. PDF
N. P. Ponomarenko, S. I. Garkavy, M. M. Korshun 134-140


Lyudmyla Mykolaivna Yur’yeva (the anniversary of birth) PDF


In commemoration of professor Volodymyr Porfyriovych Karpov PDF
L. S. Semyonova 157-159