Determination of main rational biomechanical characteristics in shooting from a bow

V.M. Adashevskiy, S.S. Iermakov, V.A. Shabashov


The aim is to build rational parameters of technical actions of sportsman in shooting from a bow. It is worked out and decided mathematical model and the task of dynamics. Influence on having a special purpose exactness of corners of flight of arrow with an account and without the account of force of resistance of air environment is certain. It is distinguished the basic technical run-time errors of sportsman exercises. It is set that for successful realization of descriptions of target exactness and minimum values of deviations from an aim on different distances of shooting, sportsman must provide: maintenance of scene and rational pose, implementation of rational technical actions. It is shown directions of choice of necessary biomechanics descriptions that a sportsman can realize for providing target exactness and minimum values of deviations from aim on different distances of shooting.


shooting; bow; biomechanical; trajectory

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