Changing the functional state of the pupils of high classes during the passage of obstacles rope park

Zh.L. Kozina, O.V. Antonov, S.V. Kozin, L.V. Grin


The influence of training in rope parks on parameters of heart rate and reaction rate high school students. A measurement of heart rate monitor using the continuous recording of heart rate Polar during the rope obstacles Park students. Also, the reaction rate was measured before and after passing obstacles rope park students on the program Psychodiagnostics. In the study involved 42 student of 10th class of the Kharkiv school N140. Research conducted at the park Kharkov S-Park." Found that the passage of rope barriers provides functional load, which corresponds to the average load of aerobic capacity. Heart rate during the obstacle is in the range 130-150 beatsmin-1. Passing the rope stages has stimulating effect on the functional status of school children, as evidenced by the increasing speed of complex reactions. Classes in rope parks can be used more widely in the system of physical education.


students; traffic; tourism; the park

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