Formation stability to load - related hypoxia of sportsmen, specializing in fin swimming.

L.M. Кuzmina, M.M. Filippov


The studies of particularities of adaptation formation to load-related hypoxia and hypercapnia of sportsmen with different allelic gene variants involved in fin swimming at the stage of specialized basic training. Found that it is largely dependent on genetic determinism: correlation of allelic variants of polymorphisms gene ACE and gene eNOS. It is revealed the associated connection between ACE and eNOS gene polymorphisms and adaptation possibilities of athletes' breathing and blood circulation systems. Sportsmen with mainly aerobic supply have C allele gene polymorphisms associated with cardiorespiratory system efficiency (mainly sportsmen with T/C genotype possess it) and I/D polymorphism of ACE gene. The revealed interconnections of certain ACE and eNOS gene polymorphisms combinations with efficiency of athletes' cardiovascular systems which fin swimmers have could be used at the primary selection. In studies 147 athletes participated: 65 persons-athletes academic rowing and 82 athletes fin swimming, and 84 person - not athletes (students of the National Music Conservatory P.I. Tchaikovsky, Kyiv).


athletes; hypoxia; hypercapnia; load

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