Influence of physical culture and sport on the psychophysiological state of students.

N.V. Moskalenko, A.A. Kovtun


The features of the psychophysiology state of students under influence of employments a physical culture and sport are considered. 50 students took part in research. From them 25 are students of sporting separation. For research of perception tests were utillized on reproducing of muscular efforts and temporal intervals. For research of memory are methods visual memory and auditory memory . For research of attention is a method proof-reading test with the rings of Landolt . For research thoughts are a method arithmetic account . The favourable affecting of employments is exposed perception, attention and thought of students. It is set that students-sportsmen have a high level of development of attention, above average level of development of perception and memory, middle level of development of thought.


sport; students; psychophysiology; test

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