Determination of power and power descriptions at walking with auxiliary facilities of pushing (by sticks) away from lower support

V.M. Adashevskiy, S.S. Iermakov, Ewa. Zielinski


A purpose of work is a design of motions in Nordic walking, and analysis of power and power descriptions of motion. The basic aspects of walking with sticks and their influence on quality of life of people of different age are considered. Directions of the use of physical exercises for the people of senior age are selected. Possibilities of the use of walking in the physical rehabilitation of patients and people with a hyposthenic health is shown. It is set that, walking extend the use of models of Nordic possibility of leadthrough of researches and theoretical ground for more deep study of features of such type of movements. It is marked that the model of motion is expedient to utillize in combination with cinegram walking and by the indexes of dynamometry. It is recommended at lowering to observe the rules of technique of motion and safety.


walking; health; age; stick

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