Biostatic indicators of the senior preschool age children with disorders of the supporting-motor apparatus

O.M. Bondar


The biostatic body's indexes of senior preschool age children are studied. 80 children of the age of 5-6 years old took part in research. To determine their biostatic indicators used methods for determining the common center of gravity and methods of determining the stability of the body. It is set that 12,5 % сhildren do not have a change of posture, 87,5 % inspected children have violations of posture. It is educed, that the biostatic indexes of children body (height of location of general body gravity centre in relation to the area of support, front and back, right and left moments of stability, radiuses of stability, front and back, right and left corners of stability) change at violations of posture. The obtained data must be used for development of individual correction-prophylactic measures.


biostatic; indicators; disorders; posture

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