Determination of the level of readiness of future teachers of physical education for preserving and development of the health of students.

L.A. Deminskaya


courses. The students were asked to answer the questions of the survey by selecting one of the answers: yes , no or do not know . It was determined that 53 % of students who took part in the experiment, were not ready to use and implement in the professional activity the methods of diagnostics of the physical development of pupils; 39 % of students do not consider it is necessary to use during the lesson the technologies which help to preserve health; 50 % of students are not ready to the process of patriotic education of pupils; 57 % of students do not refer the development of intellectual abilities of students to the functions of the teachers of physical education. The results of the testing require to make changes in the process of professionally - pedagogical training of future teachers of physical education.


readiness; forming; health; student

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