Determination of indicators of the level of strength and speed-strength of wrestlers of Greco-Roman style qualifications.

M. V. Lozhechka


The indexes of development of force and speed-power qualities of sportsmen are resulted. 14 sportsmen took part in testing (age is 17-21 year, experience of employments 10-13 years). Power indexes were probed: dynamometry of muscles' force of prepotent brush, hang on arcuated hands, bending and unbending of hands in support lying, raising of trunk from position lying during 30 s. Speed-power qualities were tested from data of control exercises: jumps upwards and length from a place, jump-rope for 1 minute. It is exposed that leading power qualities influence on growth of sporting trade. Directions of construction and control of training process of sportsmen are recommended.


fight; indexes; force; qualities

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