Features of damage of front cruciform copula of knee-joint for footballers.

Reza Parish Mokhammad, A.K. Nikanorov


The questions of the most characteristic mechanisms for anterior cruciate ligament injuries in soccer players of various sports clubs, playing roles of influence, a period of the match, the player at the age of occurrence of the injury. Depth analysis of the clinical status of case patients, including the collection of anamnestic data, examination, and questionnaire survey to clarify the causes, nature and extent of damage to the capsule-ligament knee. Found that the most traumatic for a football player is the age of 19-22 years, when a transition from junior to professional sports, but the main damage is indirect valgus-varus rotational-flexion mechanism associated with sharp changes in trajectory, most often occurs in football players playing defense.


trauma; ligament; football; role

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