Information medicine in the treatment of metabolic syndrome

Алексей Ефимович Бессонов, Елена Алексеевна Калмыкова


Aim of this study was to investigate the clinical efficacy of the device tuning fork in the treatment of patients with metabolic syndrome. The study included 22 women with metabolic syndrome (age 52-75 years). The average body weight of patients - 92.3 ± 15.2 kg, body mass index - 37.2 ± 2.7, the duration of obesity - 21 years. The results obtained confirm the effectiveness of information-wave therapy in the presence of the metabolic syndrome. It is shown that combined treatment of the metabolic syndrome without the use of information-wave therapy is not accompanied by improvement in basic biochemical parameters. The study observed no deterioration in carbohydrate metabolism, electrolyte abnormalities in patients in both groups.


information-wave; therapy; metabolic; syndrome; diabetes; mellitus; hypertension; obesity; unit; "tuning; fork"

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