Somatovegetative violation on the organism of student at the forced functional curvature of carriage.

Павел Богуславович Ефименко


The analysis of factors, negatively influencing on the state of health of organism of student is presented. 43 students took part in an experiment. It is underlined that over the forced multilevel position of girdle brings to asymmetric static tension of muscles of trunk and deformation of pectoral and abdominal cavities. Dependence of the state of health of students is exposed on the method of the daily carrying of carry-on baggage. Directions of prophylaxis of somatic vegetative deviations are rotined from the normal state of organism of students. Practical recommendations are developed on the prophylaxis of negative consequences, related to permanent unnatural position of spine of student in continuation of educational day.


violation; carriage; static; tension; deformation; cavities; somatic; vegetative; rejections

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