Ropes parks as a way of increase of the motor activity of students

Жанетта Леонидовна Козина, Сергей Валентинович Козин, Сергей Валентинович Козин, Олег Владимирович Антонов


Psychological and physiological reasons of attractiveness of rope parks are considered for studying young people. 25 sources of network are analysed in the Internet. The questionnaire of 52 visitors of rope park is conducted (youths in age 16-19 years). It is set that overcoming of rope obstacles helps to get the necessary physical loading. Also to get feelings, characteristic for the extreme types of sport. It is found out that overcoming of rope obstacles helps people to be delivered from fear before difficulties and agitation before important events.


young; people; tourism; park; feeling; extreme; ropes; barriers; activity

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