Construction of annual cycle of preparation of sportsmen, specialized in cheerleading.

Лариса Сергеевна Луценко, Инна Алексеевна Зинченко, Инна Алексеевна Зинченко, Ольга Ростиславовна Лучко


The plan-chart of distributing of educational material is rotined in the annual loop of preparation of sportsmen. In an experiment took part 42 sportsmen in age 18-19 years. It is marked that duration of setup time is occupied by to 6 months of preparation. The following correlation of elements is recommended in the structure of competition period: 10% is a body-conditioning, 20% is the special physical preparation, 70% is technical preparation. It is marked that it is necessary to concentrate basic attention on working off competition composition, elements and synchronousness at implementation of compositions. It becomes firmly established that the transitional period of sportsmen is directed on renewal of physical and psychological potential. In this period it is recommended to bring in adjustments in competition compositions or make new.


annual; cycle; preparation; macrocycle; testing; facilities; cheerleading

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