Features of method of employments on aerobics with the use of exercises of sporting orientation.

Наталья Владимировна Люлина, Лариса Вячеславовна Захарова, Лариса Вячеславовна Захарова


The features of method of leadthrough of employments are considered on aerobics. 24 girls of the first course took part in an experiment. Directions are offered perfection of outside the time limit forms of employments. A basic orientation of employments is a capture from the different types of sport and increase of level of physical preparedness of girls motive actions. Is proposed method of employments on aerobics with the use of imitation exercises from the different types of sport. It is rotined that with imaginary objects in hands it is possible to execute different exercises: javelin-throwing or kernel, throws of ball etc. It is set that during a slow imitation individuality of loading is regulated the volitional capabilities of man. In this case protective reflexes do not allow to overstrain a muscle.


aerobics; preparedness; teaching; exercises; tests; complex; imitation; capabilities

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