Organization of physical education of students, related to task medical forces.

Леонид Владимирович Подригало, Святослава Адамовна Пашкевич, Святослава Адамовна Пашкевич, Николай Иванович Галашко


The structure of employments is considered in task medical forces. It is marked that organization of physical education in such groups can part on the followings parts: block of division into the periods of making healthy, block of practical employments, control block. Directions practical realization of hygienical principles of making healthy and rehabilitation are recommended. It is marked that on the initial stages of rehabilitation on principle an important element are home tasks. The following structure of employment is recommended: introductory part (20 minutes), basic part (40 minutes), tail-piece (20 minutes).


student; group; health; structure; element

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