Features of regulation of cardiac rhythm of boxers of different qualification

Дмитрий Владимирович Сышко, Владимир Федорович Кровяков, Владимир Федорович Кровяков, Ксения Дмитриевна Савина


Connection between the features of regulation by the cardiac rhythm of boxers and level of sporting qualification is considered. 42 boxers took part in research (from them 16 - to high qualification). The indexes of variation rhythm were probed for the boxers of low qualification. It is discovered that the state of the cardiovascular system of sportsmen is saved by a vegetative homoeostasis. It is marked that asymmetry a few expressed in behalf on sympathetic influence. The relative balanced (on vegetative cooperation) is exposed with moderate predominance of parasympathetic influence the state of the cardiovascular system. The processes of optimization are exposed in regulation of work of heart for sportsmen. Directions of estimation of the functional state of boxers are recommended.


qualification; sportsman; cardiac; rhythm; vegetative; homeostasis; variation; rhythm

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