Effect of shock microcycle (base mesocycle of general preparatory phase) on the functional state of the body of young skiers-racers of 15-16 aged

Лариса Николаевна Таран


The program of shock microcycle, containing two reading with the large loadings is analysed. Descriptions of flowing and terms of renewal are rotined. 15 skiers-racing drivers took part in researches (age 15-16 years). The dynamics of renewal of indexes of the functional state of organism of sportsmen is set from data of reaction of the cardiovascular, respiratory and neuromuscular systems. It is set that duration of renewal of most indexes of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems made 72 hours. Duration of renewal of anaerobic metabolic capacity and neuromuscular system - 48 hours. The functional state of organism of sportsmen is certain after completion of shock microcycle, through 24, 48 and 72 hours. The program of shock microcycle is offered.


shock; microcycle; program; loadings; functional; state; skiers-racing; drivers

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