Importance of regulation of the prestarting condition status in sports

Инна Викторовна Толкунова, Ольга Владимировна Красницкая, Ольга Владимировна Красницкая, Александра Викторовна Голец


Prestarting condition statuses of sportsmen and their agency on effect of competitive activity are specified. 15 athletes shared in experiment (long-distance runners at the age of 16 - 20 years). It is installed that certain psychoemotional condition statuses of sportsmen promote successful competitive activity. Psychoemotional condition statuses of sportsmen which do not allow to implement even the attained level of readiness are shown. Practical references on application of methods of self-control are reconciled. Conducting of the special provisions guided on regulation of a prestarting condition status is offered.


prestarting; condition; status; competitions; apathy; alertness

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