Biomechanical analysis of skilled female gymnasts' motor actions in vaulting «rondat fllick» with the new table

Ирина Валерьевна Хмельницкая, Светлана Васильевна Крупеня, Светлана Васильевна Крупеня


Biomechanics descriptions of technique of motive actions of gymnasts are presented. 20 gymnasts took part in an experiment. The analysis of 72 appearances of gymnasts and 144 supporting jumps is conducted. Errors are considered in the technique of motive actions of gymnasts at implementation of supporting jumps. It is marked that frequency of the use of supporting jump «Rondat Fllick» among all of supporting jumps is 40 %. It is set that the leading elements of motive structure of technique are biomechanics descriptions of the second phase of flight (duration, height of flight and landing distance).


biomechanics; analysis; supporting; jump; gymnasts; hopping; table

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