Analysis appearances and research of efficiency of technical actions of collapsible command MGSU on a free style wrestling

A.Yu. Barkov


The results of appearances of collapsible command of university are considered on a free style wrestling for the last 5 years. Command composition consisted of 20 sportsmen, evenly up-diffused for to 7 gravimetric categories. It is set that 70-90% effective technical actions are carried out through the captures of feet. Physical and technical possibilities of sportsmen are selected. Sociological research is conducted among sportsmen. Principal reasons of unsatisfactory protective actions and use of unsuccessful counteract technique are exposed at the attacking actions of opponent with the use of captures of feet. Main directions of technical and physical preparation, allowing to promote their level and improve the results of appearance in competitions, are certain. Approaches of planning of training taking into account the individual features of sportsmen are recommended.


free style wrestling; protective actions; tactic; questioning

GOST Style Citations

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