Analysis of indexes of sleep for students - sportsmen of a build speciality on some types of sport

N.N. Bumarskova


The indexes of parahypnosiss are considered for students (intact to the sporting loadings) and for students-sportsmen on the types of sport: track and field athletics - stayers, basketball, sambo. The questionnaire sleep poll questioning was conducted in research. 1502 students (intact to the sporting loadings) and 256 students - sportsmen of collapsible commands took part in questioning. Violations of breathing were studied during sleep for sportsmen-students. The analysis of data of cardiorespiratory screening is conducted by the system of «ApneaLink». 84 sportsmen took part in research. Parahypnosiss are exposed for students. Students feel a mionectic capacity in educational sporting activity. It is set that insomnia is not typical for students. During the leadthrough of the cardiorespiratory monitoring during nightly sleep for students the episodes of apnea were marked.


apnea; gipapnea; desaturtion; rehabilitation

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